Cleveland Browns News: Odell Beckham trade rumors remain just that

Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham, Jr.. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham, Jr.. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

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No, the Cleveland Browns aren’t trading Odell Beckham, Jr. this season. We all know that but the question keeps getting asked, even after an impressive win in Week 2.

In that victory, OBJ even stepped up and hauled in a deep touchdown, his first of the season. He looked much better than he did in Week 1, but he was also no longer going up against an elite secondary led by Marlon Humprhey and Marcus Peters. The Browns as a team were also much better too after knocking some rust off in the opening weekend.

Even with the better performance, someone decided to talk about the idea of the Browns trading Beckham and again, sources close to the team are saying there’s no truth to the rumors. In fact, Adam Schefter of ESPN even said that his source says he has no idea where these rumors even started.

That story and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Source: Cleveland Browns have no plans to trade Odell Beckham Jr. — Adam Schefter, ESPN

"“It’s totally not true,” one source told ESPN, regarding speculation that Beckham could be traded. “No idea where anyone would have gotten that.”"

For whatever reason, the OBJ trade rumors won’t die. At this point, it’s just laughable. Cleveland isn’t getting rid of him this season and Thursday was proof that Week 1 was just a bad outing.

Can the Browns offense make up for problems in the secondary? Hey, Mary Kay! — Mary Kay Cabot,

"“Starting cornerbacks Denzel Ward and Terrance Mitchell actually played well for the most part against the Bengals despite 30 points and three TD passes by Joe Burrow, but the safeties didn’t fare as well. Ronnie Harrison appeared to give up one of the TDs, but he’s still new and learning the system. Once he settles in and they get some of the injured defenders back, they’ll play better in the back end.”"

Mary Kay is right that the secondary will improve. This was supposed to be a strength this season and the injuries have really messed things up. The talent is still on this roster, they just need them healthy.

Washington At Notable Disadvantage Against Browns — Pete Smith, Browns Digest

"“The schedule puts Washington at a major disadvantage in this game, but the Browns still have to find a way to neutralize or at least limit a trio of defensive ends that includes Chase Young, Montez Sweat and Ryan Kerrigan. Not only did they combine for 4.5 sacks against the Eagles, but Young and Sweat are athletes at the level of Myles Garrett. Kerrigan is a great athlete in his own right, but he’s also an extremely polished pass rusher. All three could be on the field at the same time.”"

Cleveland had a short turnaround to prepare for the Bengals on Thursday night but the flip side is that it gives them a huge advantage in the coming week. Washington was on the field Sunday whereas the Browns were resting up and preparing to host the Football Team in Week 3.

These stats show how dominant Myles Garrett truly is

Myles Garrett had a great game on Thurasday and Dan Gilinsky talks about some stats pointed out by ESPN that show just how dominant he truly is.

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Peyton Hillis hints at coming out of retirement

Peyton Hillis said he would like to come back and play for the Browns. No seriously, he did. Of course, he was just complimenting the way they were running the ball and saying he wants in on the fun. There was no serious intention here.