Cleveland Browns win 3rd straight, upcoming schedule could mean more on the way

Don’t look now, but the Cleveland Browns are hot

The 3-1 Cleveland Browns. How good does that feel to say?

Experts across media outlets had this game being a high scoring shootout. While this game did in fact live up to those expectations, it should not have been that close. After leading the game 41-14, everyone thought that the game was over.

The Cowboys stormed back to score 24 unanswered points, making it a close game with plenty of time left for the Cowboys to make a comeback. And then, Odell Beckham, Jr. happened.

So far, I have been spot on with predictions at 4-0. That said, while these next few games are very winnable for the Browns, they still have their work cut out for them.

The Browns will take on the Indianapolis Colts at home next Sunday for a 4:25 start time. New Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers is off to a solid start this season, meshing into his new offense and new scheme pretty well.

In the past, I am usually not one who likes to get ahead of myself. That said, all of these next 6 games for the Browns are winnable, and 4/6 are very winnable. Who are the Browns next 6 opponents? The Colts, Steelers, Bengals, Raiders, Texans, and Eagles.

Both the Eagles and Texans are off to miserable starts to their seasons, with the Texans dropping to 0-4 after today’s loss. The Eagles have struggled mightily, led by Carson Wentz and company.

The Browns will travel to Cincinnati to play the Bengals in their second meeting this season, so we know that they can beat them again. As for the Steelers, we all know they are back to being very good. I strongly believe that this Colts game could have a huge effect on how this 6-game stretch goes.

If the Browns can beat the Colts and get to 4-1, lookout. If they can keep it close and still play a decent football game but lose, I still believe they will walk with their heads high into Pittsburgh.

Realistically, I really do believe that the Browns could come out of this next 6-game stretch going 4-2, which would put them at a beautiful 7-3.

As we await the news on Nick Chubb, all we can do is sit and hope that it is nothing major or serious. In Chubb’s absence today after leaving the game with the knee injury, we did learn that the running back room is deep, all thanks to D’Ernest Johnson and Dontrell Hillard.

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Cleveland will walk with their heads high all week long, rightfully so, as they are a 3-1 football team once again.