Is the Cleveland Browns defensive line actually that good?

Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports /

Just how good is the Cleveland Browns D-line overall?

There are weaknesses on this Cleveland Browns defense. No person with a pulse can deny that, but it is those few weak spots that are causing this overall poor outlook, and maybe a lack of pointing fingers at a few poor performers on offense as well.

This was shocking to me to see in all honesty, but, according to PFF, the interior defensive linemen for the Cleveland Browns don’t have a starter that ranks within the top 32.  Larry Ogunjobi comes in at 36. Next is Jordan Elliot at No.61, with Vincent Taylor at No.65, and finally Sheldon Richardson at No.71.

Surprising right? The overall play that I’ve seen from Sheldon Richardson especially, has been impressive to the eye but according to analytics, he’s the worst Cleveland defensive lineman recorded.

Expect their overall play to pick up, especially the veterans. They will be needed to stop the average scoring offense they face in Week 5 because the Indianapolis Colts defense has given up the least amount of points in the NFL at 56, with the Pittsburgh Steelers close behind them with only two more points scored against them at 58.

The edge defenders for the Browns fair better even with injuries to veterans and younger players having to step up. Myles Garrett is a certified animal though. It’s a statement that is not up for discussion, at least not while on passing downs.

His run defense and coverage stats are poor but if you’ve watched a single game, you would see this. Myles Garrett is ranked third overall by PFF as an edge defender and as fans we’ve seen that magic so far this season. Garrett will be crucial this week in stopping this Colts offense.

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So while the grades might not be where we want, the coming weeks will really tell us all we need to know about the Browns defensive line.