Cleveland Browns: Baker Mayfield needs x-rays on ribs after game against Colts

Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield will have x-rays on his ribs

The Cleveland Browns are making sure their quarterback of the future, Baker Mayfield, is alright by having him have some x-ray work done after a victory Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts.

Hopefully, all is well, but if not, the Browns do have an experienced backup in Case Keenum.

Keenum would be able to step in and keep the offense going by being a good “game manager.” The veteran has been in this style of offense with the same play-caller before, if need be he should be able to step into the starting role and keep this rig rollin’.

Nobody knows what to expect but as of right now Baker Mayfield is only getting x-rays taken.  Mayfield did go on to finish the game after taking the big hit from Justin Houston in the fourth quarter.  That hit would force Mayfield into throwing an interception.

Mayfield is the future of this organization, at least for the foreseeable future. Keenum is a backup/bridge quarterback for a reason.

Nobody will know the results of the x-ray until tomorrow at the earliest and then the speculations will start flying as to what should be done with Baker Mayfield and why. “Baker Mayfield shouldn’t play if he’s hurt”, “Baker Mayfield should play through the pain and start as long as he can,” or some variation of some of the takes that will be spoken about when the results get back to us all.

The bottom line about all of it is, Mayfield finished the game. If the coaching staff thinks he can go and is at low risk to hurt himself seriously moving forward, they’ll probably start him. Right?

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Stay the course Cleveland Browns fans. Trust the coaching staff that has this team to 4-1 for the first time in the last 26 years.