Cleveland Browns Week 7 score predictions vs Bengals

Game: Cleveland Browns (4-2) at  Cincinnati Bengals (1-4-1)

The Cleveland Browns take on the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 7 and the DPD crew is here to predict whether they win or lose the game.

Summary: Just like the last time the Cleveland Browns lost a game (which was Week 1 to the Baltimore Ravens) they prepare to face the Cincinnati Bengals. Last time, it was in Cleveland and on a Thursday Night Football game. It was also the first time for Baker Mayfield and Joe Burrow, to No. 1 overall picks in the same state and division, got to face off with one another.

Mayfield and the Browns scored the win but the Bengals did everything they could to make it a game. They fought hard and while it wasn’t as close as the 35-30 score made it seem, the Bengals were at least able to make it interesting. Burrow was the main reason why as he threw it more than 60 times and continually kept his offense moving.

Now in Week 7, Cleveland is again looking to get back on track against Cincinnati and this feels like a game they should win. The Browns roster is better at this point but that doesn’t mean it will be easy. Burrow looks nothing like a rookie and Tee Higgins is coming into his own. This will be a battle in the Jungle but look for Cleveland to pull away late in the fourth.

Randy Gurzi Prediction: Cleveland 38, Cincinnati 30

Sam Penix Prediction: Cleveland 35, Cincinnati 27

The Browns get back to running the ball, and Baker Mayfield looks better, but not good enough to silence his doubters.

Dan Gilinsky Prediction: Browns 34, Bengals 27

All in all, Burrow again makes things happen, but the Orange and Brown get after him enough to help out the other two phases. Offensively, the Browns have their way in this one steadily, and are balanced.

Casey Kinnamon Prediction: Browns 38 , Bengals 28

The Browns win the 95th installment of The Battle of Ohio handily, but the Baker Mayfield division amongst the fans grows wider.

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Elliot Kennel Prediction: Brown 24, Bengals 23

The Bengals are not a bad team and could pull out a win if the Browns offense self-destructs again. However, the Browns’ superior talent should allow them to eventually win a war of attrition.