Cleveland Browns instant reactions: 2018 Baker Mayfield returns, beats Joe Burrow in shootout

Baker Mayfield outduels Burrow, leads Cleveland Browns to another win

After starting out 0-for-5 with an interception, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield looked like he might be sealing his fate in the city of Cleveland. He then followed up by going 22-of-23 (with one spike accounting for the only incompletion), for 297 yards and five touchdowns. Rookie Baker Mayfield is back!

Take this game with a grain of salt, as it is just the Bengals, but Baker Mayfield looked great. When all seemed lost, Myles Garrett and the defense did just enough to keep the Browns in the game, in the beginning, getting two early turnovers. Garrett looks like the clear frontrunner for defensive player of the year. With two sacks, a TFL, and three total tackles, Garrett was easily the best defensive player on the field during the game.

The Browns defense quickly fell apart, and Joe Burrow and Baker Mayfield had a high scoring BIG 12 fashioned showdown, as both went on streaks completing every pass they threw. Burrow had 400 passing yards and three touchdowns, while Baker had almost 300 passing yards and five touchdowns.

Baker Mayfield and Myles Garrett proved once again why they’re cornerstones of this franchise, as they were the most important pieces in this win for the Cleveland Browns.

Now, the Cleveland Browns are 5-2 and will have to prepare to play the Oakland Raiders, who are arguably the best team the Browns have played so far that aren’t in their division.

If Baker can put up another performance similar to this one against Oakland, the Browns are going to be a dangerous team moving forward.