Cleveland Browns fear Odell Beckham Jr. suffered serious knee injury

Baker Mayfield’s huge day for the Cleveland Browns marred by an OBJ injury

The Cleveland Browns are riding high after Baker Mayfield‘s career game led to a 37-34 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, but not all is well. Wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was injured on the first drive of the game, and is feared to have suffered a devastating knee injury.

Beckham was hurt after attempting to make a tackle on an interception return after Mayfield underthrew him on the first drive of the game. Beckham immediately went into the locker room and did not return, and his reaction on the field was not encouraging. He appeared to be in significant pain, and while he did end up walking off under his own power, he did so with a heavy limp.

Beckham will have an MRI Monday to confirm the severity of the injury. There is only speculation at this point, but it would be best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

It would obviously be a massive blow to the Cleveland offense if Beckham is done for the year. He’s one of the league’s most dynamic offense weapons and single-handedly iced the team’s victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Had Beckham not turned that end-around into a touchdown, the Cowboys may have ended up winning that game. Beckham was finally healthy this season after dealing with ankle and groin issues over the past few years, so it’s sad to see him go down like this.

Both Beckham and his best friend Jarvis Landry seemed so happy to be playing together after Beckham was traded to the Browns in 2019, but the on-field results have not lived up to expectations, and it seems we’ll have to wait until next year for those expectations to be realized, if the team doesn’t decide to move on from the LSU duo.