Cleveland Browns bye week report cards: Defensive line

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Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Giving out mid-term grades for the Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns enter their bye week with a record of 5-3, and since they’ve played half their season, it’s a good time to give out mid-term report cards for each of the position groups. Next up is the Browns defensive line, a group that is the rudder of the entire defense. Outside of one specific player, the line as a whole has not lived up to expectations this season, and as such, the rest of the defense is struggling.

Cleveland has over one-quarter of its 2020 salary total dedicated to the DL, and the performance of the unit has simply not been good enough. Aside from Garrett, there is little pressure being generated, and the linebackers, who are already poor, are being made to look even worse by terrible run defense up front.

It’s disappointing because the defense is designed to play off of the DL, and the Browns invested in the position by signing Andrew Billings and drafting Jordan Elliott. The rotation will look very different next season, but that doesn’t help right now. There is talent in the room, and players that have produced at a high level in the past, but that’s not happening this season.

Something needs to change, and a lack of talent is not the reason why the group is underperforming. Expect some major personnel changes to happen this offseason, but for now, let’s hand out mid-term grades to the eight players in the DL rotation.

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