Cleveland Browns aren’t in playoff picture right now, but will be soon

Cleveland Browns move to 6-3 but still have work to do

It has been two games in a row where the Cleveland Browns have played in extremely difficult weather conditions but this time they faired better and beat the Texans 10-7 to move three games over .500.

Kickoff was delayed 37 minutes by a vicious wave of wind, rain and hail that is normal for Northeast Ohio this time of year and made for some pretty cool pictures before the game. The dynamic backfield duo of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt was in full effect as they both rushed for over 100 yards.

Cleveland would’ve scored another touchdown but by now everyone has seen Chubb make a selfless play by running out of bounds before he scored to finish the game and he is getting more attention than he would’ve if he just crossed the goaline. The win and a loss by the Baltimore Ravens moved them and the Browns into a tie but the Ravens currently own the tie-breaker.

They are tied with three other teams at 6-3, the Las Vegas Raiders, Miami Dolphins, and the Tennessee Titans. Cleveland lost to the Raiders but they have a chance to get beat the Titans and Ravens coming up and get the tie-breaker. The Raiders beat the Browns in Week 8, just before the bye.

Cleveland has the sixth easiest remaining schedule, according to Only one team in the playoff hunt with a lighter schedule is Las Vegas. The Steelers, Titans and Ravens are the toughest opponents left for the Browns.

They have four relatively easy games against the New York Jets and Giants, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Philadelphia Eagles who have a combined record of 7-29-1. The Ravens and Browns have all the same opponents left so their matchup in week 14 has huge implications. But Baltimore has looked very beatable lately and far from the team that blew out the Browns in the first game this season.

It will be crucial for the Browns to win the games they are supposed to win coming down the stretch. If they beat the four weak teams on their schedule that would put them at ten wins and likely a playoff berth.

Cleveland is capable of beating Baltimore and and Tennessee who have been on the decline the past couple weeks. That would give them some more wiggle room and could really put a stranglehold on a playoff spot. It will be interesting to see how this team responds when the games matter the most.