Cleveland Browns: 5 best games of 2020

Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
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Cleveland Browns
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4. Week 14 vs. Baltimore Ravens

Yes, the Browns lost this game, and that’s disappointing. But this was an incredible game from start to finish, and although Cleveland ultimately lost by five points, Mayfield and company put tied the game up with just one minute left in regulation.

Mayfield did throw a killer interception early in the third quarter, but he was otherwise fantastic, and the only reason the Browns were in that game to begin with, as the defense was utterly helpless against Lamar Jackson’s legs. The hilarious cramping situation ended with Trace McSorley converting a 3rd and 10 before suffering an injury, which led to Jackson makng his triumphant return to throw a touchdown to Hollywood Brown on fourth down.

Although it was a painful loss, this game proved that Mayfield’s excellent stretch of play from Week 7 onward wasn’t just because he was playing subpar defenses. The Ravens pressured him all night long, and he handled it well. He made plays when they were needed, and had the defense just made one stop, Mayfield would have the signature victory of his young career. The Browns lost the game, and playoffs, but the way Mayfield played is more important long-term.