Chase Claypool won’t stop whining, calls Cleveland Browns ‘classless’

Chase Claypool can’t stop whining about Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns are on to Kansas City, but Pittsburgh Steelers wide reciever Chase Claypool is still obsessed with the Browns.

After claiming the Browns would get “clapped” by the Chiefs on Monday, and bragging about making practice squad cornerback Robert Jackson flinch on a run play, Claypool is back to make himself look bad from his gaming chair.

This time, he’s attacking the Browns character.

In an interview with DAZN Canada, Claypool discussed his comments from earlier in the week and did nothing to improve his image. He said, “If the Browns had won with more class, then I wouldn’t have been so salty.” He complains about Cleveland players mocking JuJu Smith-Schuster during and after the game, something which the TikTok star brought upon himself.

The Browns didn’t force Smith-Schuster to go out of his way to trash Cleveland during his media availability. They had nothing to do with him formulating the grammatically incorrect battle cry “the Browns is the Browns”. They didn’t provoke him to break out a mini dance while lining up for a play while down big.

The continued arrogance and disrespect from Smith-Schuster is apparently fine from Claypool’s perspective. It’s only when he gets his feelings hurt that there’s an issue.

Claypool went on to say “I’m not going to have respect for a team that doesn’t have respect for us”, as if the Steelers didn’t publicly look past the Browns. The hypocrisy is stunning.

The clip ends with Claypool saying “they can enjoy the win and another week of football, but they’ll be on the couch right next to me next week, so it’s all good.”

And if you didn’t think this story could get any better, Claypool attempted to save face shortly after the clip was posted:

Again, more hypocrisy from the rookie receiver. And speaking of winning with class…

Pittsburgh ended up at 11-0 a few weeks after this was posted, only to finish 1-4, limp into the playoffs, and get their doors blown off by the Browns.

If we’ve learned anything from Claypool, it’s that arrogance and disrespect are perfectly acceptable until they come back to bite you. Oh, and only the Steelers are allowed to do that stuff, and only while losing. Claypool has succeeded at at making himself one of the most dislikeable players in the league, and the Browns won’t forget these comments anytime soon.

The bottom line is that Claypool and the Steelers are in disarray as they watch the playoffs from their homes, while Cleveland is still playing.