Cleveland Browns: Jarvis Landry joins elite wide receiver club

Cleveland Browns WR Jarvis Landry joins an elite club with only five members 

Back in 2014, the Miami Dolphins drafted Jarvis Landry out of LSU in the second round of the draft. After four highly productive seasons in South Beach — including a 2017 campaign where he led the league in receptions — Landry was traded to the Cleveland Browns ahead of the 2018 season.

Since joining Cleveland, he has been credited with helping to improve the culture with his willingness to play through pain as well as his consistent performance on the field. While he does get plenty of praise for his play, the fact is, Landry has even better than it seems.

According to a recent tweet from CBS Sports HQ, Landry is a member of an elite five-person club that has hauled in 600-plus receptions and 7,000-plus yards receiving since 2014. Other names on that list include DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, and Travis Kelce.

Landry also caught word of this achievement and responded to the CBS tweet with one simple emoji.

Crediting Landry alone with changing the culture isn’t exactly fair to other players such as Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, and Myles Garrett who also have been instrumental to the team’s success. There’s also the argument that they still hadn’t had a winning season until 2020 when Kevin Stefanski came in and turned them around.

However, it is fair to say Landry has been a major factor in the change in Cleveland and he’s the leader of the team’s wide receiving corps. He’s not just a rah-rah guy either as he simply gets on the field and battles no matter what.

Just this past season, Landry had to overcome hip surgery in the offseason as well as a rib injury that slowed him down. Even so, he never missed a game due to injury and still had 840 yards and 72 receptions.

Landry continues to rack up the stats and that’s a testament to his toughness and durability. Congrats on being placed in some elite company.