Which NFL quarterbacks should be ranked ahead of Baker Mayfield?

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Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Where does Baker Mayfield rank among the league’s best?

Baker Mayfield is, presumably, the Cleveland Browns quarterback of the next two seasons — at the very least. Mayfield has been the savior of football in Cleveland as of late and has been a crucial part of breaking the 19 winless game streak from 2016-2018 as well as leading the team to its first playoff berth since 1994.

So far in his career, Mayfield has appeared in 46 games, in which he has thrown for 11,115 yards, 75 touchdowns, and 43 interceptions. He has gone 24-23 in games that he’s started, and 25-23 overall over the past three seasons.

He has the city of Cleveland behind him, the support of his coaches and teammates and he has my support. But let’s play some what if? What if the Browns decide to move on from Mayfield right now, today? Who would be options that they might look at? Who would be the guys that they would be willing to trade Mayfield and other assets for?

Now keep in mind, this is not an article advocating for Mayfield to be traded or for the Browns to move on. This is not saying that Baker is bad, this is simply to give an idea of where he falls in the NFL’s quarterback landscape. These quarterbacks will go from those that I’m least confident in, to those that I’m most confident in. The trade possibility note is not whether Cleveland would trade for them, it’s whether their current team would trade them.

Mayfield has shown a lot of promise in his young career but there are still aspects of his game that worry me. He looks to be the quarterback of the future for the Browns but let’s take a look at the other options Cleveland might be looking at. I think he’s a middle-of-the-pack quarterback. Who’s ahead of him?

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