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Which defensive free agents would fix the Cleveland Browns?

With free agency rapidly approaching and the holes on the Cleveland Browns roster still glaring, let’s take a look at which defensive free agents make the most sense for the team to pursue. And we all know the Browns need to target some defensive players this offseason since they were frustratingly bad at times on that side of the ball.

The Cleveland Browns are expected to have around $27,637,158 in cap space, per Spotrac, in 2021 — plus another $30.4 million in rollover cap space should they elect to use that.

Assuming that the Browns go all-in on defensive players in free agency, which they very much should, this team has a chance to make another playoff run and have a legitimate shot at making the Super Bowl.

Once again, this article is focusing on defensive players that may be available. You will not see Rashard Higgins, Kendall Lamm, or any of the other offensive free agents on this list — even though they need to re-sign Higgins and go after some other players. You also will not see Cody Parkey on this list as he is not a defensive player.

If there are any specific free agents that you think the Browns should sign and build around, comment on this post or tweet @NSwansonMedia (this is where I’ll most likely see it) and I will do various scenarios suggested by you, the readers.

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