Are the Cleveland Browns moving on from Jarvis Landry?

Could the Cleveland Browns and Jarvis Landry be splitting up after a few years together? It looks like that could potentially be the case.

The Cleveland Browns and receiver Jarvis Landry have had their ups and downs during Landry’s tenure with the team.

From some sideline tantrums to reports of Landry asking for opposing teams to “come get me,” there has been no lack of drama surrounding the receiver that most fans perceive as the one to change the culture of the Browns.

Late Thursday night, Jarvis Landry posted a very cryptic tweet, that could potentially mean that he is being traded or released by the Cleveland Browns.

“One door closing” for Jarvis Landry, in this case, could be his time with the Cleveland Browns coming to an end, and the new door opening could be the new opportunity Landry will get with his new team, wherever that may be.

Landry tweeted out another cryptic tweet on Friday afternoon that read “I’m going hard regardless,” meaning he’s going to still work hard no matter what obstructions are in his way and what others do to try to tear him down.

Neither of these tweets is definitive proof that Landry will not be with the Browns in 2021, but with much speculation regarding his contract status and how much he is due to make in 2021 and beyond, it may be down to a contract restructure with the Browns for a finding a new franchise to play for.

If Landry is with another team in 2021, you can fully expect him to be appreciative of his time in Cleveland, but still, work as hard as he can to prove that letting him leave was a mistake.

Only time will tell if these tweets are regarding Landry’s status with the Browns, or actually something else entirely.