Myles Garrett named most likely Hall of Famer among current Browns

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) pumps his fist after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in an NFL wild-card playoff football game, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [Jeff Lange/Beacon Journal]Browns Extras 9
Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett (95) pumps his fist after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in an NFL wild-card playoff football game, Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. [Jeff Lange/Beacon Journal]Browns Extras 9 /

Myles Garrett is a difference-maker for the Cleveland Browns 

The Cleveland Browns clearly have an elite EDGE defender in Myles Garrett, as we’re well-aware of.

Although Garrett was affected by COVID-19 in the latter part of last season, which shouldn’t be needed to be expressed, really, he was still making his presence felt. Garrett had his share of blocking attention throughout the year, as we know, anyhow.

Nonetheless, while again the production/pressure splits did go down as compared to his unreal start to last season, Garrett did still have 12.0 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, 18 quarterback hits, and 32 quarterback pressures in 14 games active in 2020.

Thus far through four seasons and 51 games played since being drafted No. 1 in 2017, Garrett has had 42.5 sacks, 42 tackles for loss, and 83 quarterback hits. And in the past three seasons, he’s registered 109 quarterback pressures.

Point being, he’s a stud that’s one of the elite pass rushers in the game, and it seems as if Garrett’s only just getting started for the Orange and Brown. Him being locked via contract extension last offseason was the right call, anyway.

And Garrett as a future Hall of Famer would appear to be very realistic at this point. Along those lines, in relation to the AFC North in that instance, CBS Sports HQ’s Bryan DeArdo named Garrett as the Browns’ most likely Hall of Famer, among those on their current roster.

That take by DeArdo was on the mark in regards to the Browns/Garrett.

Of course, when it comes to current Cleveland Browns, some others include Nick Chubb, Jarvis Landry, one would think Odell Beckham Jr. if he can stay healthier, and Joel Bitonio could be in the conversation for the Hall of Fame down the road. Bitonio, a three-time Pro Bowler, has been one of the game’s best guards for years, and is seemingly the leader of a now-stout offensive line for the Orange and Brown.

Hitting on Chubb, he’s 3,557 yards through three seasons, has averaged 5.2 yards per carry and has had 28 rushing touchdowns. And in the last two seasons, and keep in mind, he did miss four games in 2020 (MCL sprain), Chubb has trailed only Derrick Henry in 20-plus-yard runs; Henry, for reference, missed one game in 2019.

Chubb is as explosive as it gets in the run game when fully healthy, and has been outstanding in relation to making would-be tacklers miss.

From there, Beckham has had injury troubles, but back with the New York Giants, did have the most receptions of any player in league history through their first 50 games, per Elias Sports Bureau, and as h/t’s Michael Elsen. And per Elias and as noted by Elsen, Beckham ranked second in receiving yards in his first 50 games and sixth in receiving touchdowns in that time span.

Landry, meanwhile, has been the only player in NFL history to have 70-plus receptions in each of their first seven seasons, as highlighted by CBS Sports HQ previously and as DPD’s Randy Gurzi hit on.

So perhaps, if he stays healthy and factoring in more potential winning from here, as is the case for the others, the Hall could be in his future; albeit Landry, while the consistency has largely been there, is not a vertical threat like Beckham. Landry is as tough as it gets, though, and missed his first game last season, but was due to COVID-19/reserve protocols.

Beckham is a terrific talent, to be clear, in any case, and we’ll see in regards to the health for him; he is seemingly progressing well in his recovery from his torn ACL from last season.

All of that said, however, Garrett being named as the most likely Browns Hall of Famer on their current squad is on the mark. His production, despite some nagging injuries at times, has been tremendous, and his work in the run game has been very solid.

With Garrett, there was the infamous incident in 2019 versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, which led to him being suspended the last six games then, though. Albeit that wasn’t an indication of his character normally, and he’s since learned from that, and one doesn’t need to rehash.

And lastly, perhaps if he can be mostly healthy, which has been a big if, Denzel Ward could be in the Hall of Fame conversation down the road for his coverage prowess. Maybe.

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At this juncture, though, the aforementioned DeArdo having Garrett as the most likely Hall of Famer among current Cleveland Browns players is a logical take. Garrett, who was an All-Pro in 2020, is Cleveland’s best player, and is so, so impactful in games, as also evidenced by his four forced fumbles last season.