Cleveland Browns News: Nick Chubb disputes allegation he was paid at UGA

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including Nick Chubb calling allegations he was paid to return to Georgia for his senior year ‘fake news’

Nick Chubb is a class act. There’s no denying that as the Cleveland Browns star running back has never had his name mentioned in any sort of negative light.

That’s why it seemed so surprising to see his name mentioned as someone who took money to return to Georgia for his senior season. If that seems ludicrous, just get this — the amount he was said to have taken to return was $180,000.

Now, to most of us, that’s an awful lot of money but that’s nothing compared to what Chubb made once he turned pro. According to Spotrac, he earned $480,000 in salary and over $860,000 in his first season with the Browns. In all, his contract was for four years and $7.3 million. So forgive me if I laugh a little at the notion that he put that on hold to make $180,000 while breaking the rules.

On top of that, there’s a belief that Valdosta High School football coach Rush Propst, who made the claims, has no credibility. Still, Chubb took to social media to call the allegation ‘fake news’ and it’s hard not to believe the running back.

That story and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Nick Chubb calls the allegation that he got paid $180K to return to Georgia for his senior year ‘fake news’ — Mary Kay Cabot,

“Chubb, who doesn’t tweet often, took to Twitter Monday to dispute the charge by Valdosta (Georgia) High School football coach Rush Propst that he received $180,000 over three installments of $60,000 to return to the Bulldogs in 2017 instead of entering the NFL Draft.”

I won’t be naive and act as though no collegiate player ever takes money but this one just screams foul. It would be beyond shocking to find out there’s any truth here.

Four possible free-agent targets for Browns to shore up their pass rush — Jake Trotter, ESPN

“Finding a defensive end to pair with their own potential defensive player of the year, Myles Garrett, remains a priority for Cleveland, with Olivier Vernon, 30, unlikely to return coming off a ruptured Achilles. Fortunately for the Browns, plenty of intriguing options figure to be there once free agency officially begins.”

Trotter mentions many of the usual suspects, including Bud Dupree and Carl Lawson. The positive with either of them is that it wouldn’t only help Cleveland, it would take away from a divisional rival as well.

Cleveland Browns desperately thin at defensive end after Adrian Clayborn release

Adrian Clayborn’s tenure in Cleveland lasted just one season as the Browns released him on Tuesday in a cap-saving move. However, they’re now beyond thin at the defenisve end position with Myles Garrett and Porter Gustin leading the way. Their need here suddenly became more pressing.

How Baker Mayfield might become NFL’s highest paid QB

It might sound crazy right now, but Elliot Kennel says the Browns could paint themselves in a corner if they don’t extend Baker before his deal expires and end up being forced to uethe franchise tag down the road.