Why is Hue Jackson tweeting about the Cleveland Browns still?

Hue Jackson had a rather cryptic tweet about the Cleveland Browns and the only thin more difficult than interpreting it, is seeing his tweets

When the Cleveland Browns hired Hue Jackson back in 2015, there was a lot of excitement about what that could mean for their team. Jackson came to the Browns with an impressive offensive resume as he had plenty of success as the offensive coordinator for the Cincinnati Bengals.

He did have some experience in head coaching, which wasn’t great, but there was also some optimism that he could learn from the 8-8 campaign he had with the Oakland Raiders in 2011.

Unfortunately, the same issues that plagued him in Oakland showed up in Cleveland as Jackson was quick to shift blame and never seemed to be in full control of the team. He even managed to go 1-31 in a two-season stretch that tested the patience (and liver) of fans everywhere.

Clearly, Cleveland fans have moved on from Jackson and their 11-5 record in 2020 has them thinking of better things going forward. As for Jackson, he’s still upset about things that happened in Northeast Ohio. The problem is, it’s hard to say exactly what has him perturbed.

Jackson recently sent out a cryptic tweet about the Browns organization, saying someone will be held accountable for some unknown transgression.

“Just get tired of the BS sometimes. People have no clue. If they would use their brains maybe they would have a better idea of what really went on in Cleveland. Soon enough they will have to account for all of this. Wonder what excuses people will make for then.😂😂😂” — Hue Jackson (@huejack10) via Rocco Nuosci, Browns Nation

For those who haven’t seen the tweet, that’s understandable. Jackson has his tweets protected so not everyone can see what he has to say (although Mike Silver probably can). That seems to be a bit out of character since Jackson has always been one who liked to share what he was thinking with just about anyone.

The real question, however, is what exactly is Jackson referring to — and who is this about. Without more context, we won’t try and predict anything but it’s most likely about the owners in Cleveland who he seems to be upset with after being let go.

As for Jackson, he himself should probably move on. Regardless of anyone’s feeling on him as a coach, Hue always did good things and had some very impressive charities including the Hue Jackson Foundation.

With all that being said, Jackson seems like a genuine guy who is still upset with Cleveland for some reason. It will be interesting to see if anything further is said but for now, it sounds like an upset ex-employee.