Daily Dawg Tags: Jadeveon Clowney visit delayed, but still on

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including the postponement of the visit with Jadeveon Clowney

It seemed as though we would be talking about Jadeveon Clowney being the newest member of the Cleveland Browns by now, but it just hasn’t worked out.

The good news for those who are wanting to see the former No. 1 pick in a Cleveland uniform is that a deal is not dead. Instead, there was just an issue with getting Clowney to fly in on Sunday night.

In the end, arrangements were made and now, the former South Carolina standout will be headed to Berea for a second visit this offseason on Wednesday. And according to most pundits, it seems pretty likely that a deal will be struck between the two sides.

That story and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Jadeveon Clowney set for second visit with Browns, expected to strike a deal with Cleveland — Cody Benjamin, CBS Sports

“Cleveland is set to host the veteran free agent, one of the biggest names still unsigned this offseason, for the second time in two months on Wednesday, per NFL Network. And all expectations are that both sides will strike a deal to put Clowney in a Browns uniform for 2021, according to CBS Sports senior reporter Jonathan Jones.”

There are still questions about what signing Clowney will mean. He’s not going to be brought in expected to carry the load as was expected in 2014 when he was the No. 1 overall pick. Instead, Cleveland will want him to be a great secondary pass-rusher across from Myles Garrett.

Having said that, there are also durability concerns, which means the team likely won’t shy away from adding even more edge rush in the draft.

Browns ‘would be crazy’ to trade Odell Beckham Jr. ESPN analyst says ‚— Troy L. Smith, Cleveland.com

“You don’t trade away Odell Beckham Jr. and that talent,” Spears proclaimed. “I think injuries are starting to creep into the conversation. If a team is justifying moving on, that would be the reason. Just the inconsistency of having him on the field.”

There are (again) reports suggesting the team would listen to trade offers for OBJ, and Marcus Spears thinks that would be crazy for them to do. It’s easy to agree with Spears not only because of the talent Beckham has, but coming off an ACL tear, there’s no way anyone is even making an offer that wouldn’t be laughable.

Browns can balance ‘win now’ and ‘draft for the future’

The NFL Draft is a dance. Teams have to figure out whether they want to win now, or build for the future. As for Cleveland, Elliot Kennel says there’s a way to use both strategies this year.

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