Daily Dawg Tags: Cleveland Browns have 3rd best roster says Cowherd

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know including Colin Cowherd actually praising the team

Things are getting weird in Northeast Ohio. Not only are the Cleveland Browns killing it in free agency, but players such as Jadeveon Clowney are saying they’re joining since this team is winning.

As if that didn’t feel foreign enough, we now have Colin Cowherd actually saying decent things about the team.

Cowherd said that he believes the Browns have the third-best roster in the NFL behind only the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers — who happened to be the two clubs in the Super Bowl this past season.

The story on his take and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Colin Cowherd says the Browns have 3rd best roster in NFL — Troy L. Smith, Cleveland.com

“In my opinion, Tampa’s the best, Kansas City second. I’d put Cleveland third,” Cowherd said. “Especially if they sign Jadeveon Clowney tomorrow, which is expected. Best offensive line, best running back tandem, great tight end and wide receiver, major upgrade in the secondary with Troy Hill and John Johnson II. That was their weakness…They’re loaded and they have a competent head coach.”

Surely he still thinks Sam Darnold is better than Baker Mayfield because he can’t give up on that take yet, but at least he’s giving some love to the team. And he’s absolutely right that Kevin Stefanski is a competent head coach with a loaded roster. This is a recipe for success.

Prospects for Browns to Avoid in 2021 NFL Draft — Alex Ballentine, Bleacher Report

“Not to pick on the Washington defensive line here, but Joe Tryon is another prospect who makes sense for Cleveland on paper but not in actuality.”

In addition to Tryon, Ballentine is out on Andre Cisco, and Levi Onwuzurike (also from Washington). He doesn’t seem to hate the players, but just says they’re not what the team needs.

Browns’ Jadeveon Clowney aiming for NFL Defensive Player of the Year: ‘I’m here to prove I can still dominate in this league’ — Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland.com

“I’m here to prove I can still dominate in this league,’’ Clowney said on a Zoom call Wednesday shortly after signing his one-year contract worth up to $10 million. “That’s what I’m here to prove this year. I want to show I’m still an elite player. You’re going to see this season.’’

It was known for days that Clowney was very likely to sign with Cleveland but it was still pretty exciting to see the news come through. His addition — at an affordable rate — just capped off a solid offseason. And he’s also motivated to prove he deserves an even bigger contract in 2022, which can really help the Browns this season.

3 Players Cleveland Browns could trade during the 2021 NFL Draft

Cleveland’s killer offseason still isn’t done as they have the 2021 NFL Draft coming up — and they could try and land more picks or move up by trading some veterans. Here are three potential trade pieces for Andrew Berry and company.