Browns: Kevin Stefanski encourages COVID-19 vaccine ahead of the season

Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, recruited Cleveland Browns head coach, Kevin Stefanski, to star in a COVID-19 PSA, that encourages fans to get vaccinated.

Following closely behind the 2021 NFL schedule release and Ohio governor, Mike DeWine’s announcement of lifting COVID-19 health protocols, Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski breaks the silence. Stefanski starred in a new “public service announcement” that was meant to encourage Ohioans to get vaccinated.

The “PSA” includes clips of Ohioans returning to a “normal” life amid the coronavirus pandemic. The message behind Stefanski’s participation in the recording is that mass vaccination will help to allow Ohio’s football stadiums including First Energy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, to return to full capacity.

Stefanski and the Browns’ late-season run-in with covid issues may be a factor in his persistent message of everyone’s impact on the pandemic.

The team’s late-season Covid mishaps caused several players and almost the entire wide receiver room to miss a seemingly “easy” game against the New York Jets. The absences of key players during that matchup ended in a loss, that was close to keeping the Browns from making the 2020 playoffs.

The Jets game wasn’t the only issue Cleveland faced with Coronavirus, as Stefanski, himself was forced to miss the Wildcard matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers. After watching one of the most exciting games of recent Browns history and Stefanski’s career as a head coach, it is to no surprise that Dewine recruited him to star in this PSA.

While all fans across Ohio are ready for things to get back to normal, normal enough to allow for jammed pack stadiums, tailgating in the Muni lot, and postgame celebrations, it is crucial that everyone continues to do their part.

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Whether that is following Stefanski’s encouragement of getting the vaccine, or simply living a “clean and healthy” day to day life.