Cleveland Browns alternate uniforms pay homage to past

The Cleveland Browns unveiled their newest throwback uniforms and they pay homage to their past, which is fitting for their 75th anniversary season

2021 will be the 75th anniversary of the Cleveland Browns and the team is making sure to pay homage to the past.

They already had shown off some pretty sick end zone art with their 75th-anniversary logo while also selling some great merchandise as well.

However, their latest unveiling is the best way to pay homage to the past yet. On Saturday, the Browns let their newest throwbacks be seen, showing off a style they wore in their glory days, which even includes a number being displayed on the helmet.

While this alternate was teased and got several fans pumped, this reveal is nothing like the one we had in 2020. Last season, the Browns decided to return to their roots by re-tooling their uniform to look more like the classic one Cleveland fans remember.

This was a smart move considering how poorly received the ones they were wearing from 2015 through 2019 were. Those atrocities were short-lived and fans probably wouldn’t have hated anything that was displayed last season as long as it meant those would be shelved.

As for their new look, it honors their inaugural 1946 season which was when they were still part of the All-American Football Conference. They were in that league for four seasons and completely dominated it, winning four titles.

They won three more titles in the NFL, with most of their success coming before 1960.

Cleveland is still looking to get to the Super Bowl for the first time and doing so in the same season they honor their past would be a great time to do so.