Brandon Marshall doubts Browns, Baker Mayfield once again

As Brandon Marshall continues his takes on the Browns, he once again slams them and doubts quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Cleveland Browns proved a lot last season. Not only to themselves but to the world as well. From completely under-performing to everyone’s expectations, to getting a playoff win and what could have been two just last season, it is clear that their window is now.

But not everyone is a believer.

Early Monday morning on First Things First, Marshall once again was asked about the Browns and Baker Mayfield, and once again didn’t have the greatest things to say about them.

Back in 2020, Marshall was asked about Mayfield and the Browns, and simply put, he made it clear that he would not want to play with Mayfield. Why? Because according to Marshall, you need accolades to show for yourself and show the world that you are legit.

Mayfield came into the league trying to fix a broken Browns team, and himself along with others did just that. Not to mention when speaking of accolades, Mayfield set the rookie touchdown passing record and was also a Heisman Trophy winner.

This time around, according to Marshall, the Browns have the set up for success but aren’t quite there yet because of Mayfield.

When it comes to outsiders talking about Cleveland, they don’t seem to understand that Mayfield doesn’t need to be great for the Browns to win. He just needs to be above average and not turn the ball over as much, something he did well last season.

While Mayfield didn’t have much help last season from a poor defense, he now has a much-improved defense that will get him more turnovers and start him with better field position this year. Last season, according to Pro Football Reference, the Browns ranked 21st out of 32 teams while allowing 5.5 yards per play and that should be drastically different in 2021.

Cleveland is not a pass-first team like the Chiefs or the Packers. They are a ground and pound team with one of the best running back duos in the entire league. If they play their game and Mayfield takes what the defense gives them, they will be on track for a fantastic year once again.