Madden 22 snubs Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield not a top 10 quarterback in Madden 22

It’s that time of the year again, Madden ratings and release. The developers over at EA are once again out of their minds and leaving fans clueless as to the reasoning behind some of the rating systems.

Cleveland Browns fans, and just members of the Madden community in general, were shocked to find out that Baker Mayfield was not rated as a top -0 quarterback in the game this year, but rather the 11th QB in the game at a mere 84 overall.

With the season that Mayfield had in 2020, especially towards the end, it was imagined that he would be a lock as one of the high-end quarterbacks in the game.

EA released the list of top 10 quarterbacks on Friday which includes Patrick Mahomes (99), Tom Brady (97), Aaron Rodgers (96), Russell Wilson (94), Lamar Jackson (94), Deshaun Watson (90), Josh Allen (88), Dak Prescott (87), Ryan Tannehill (87) and Matt Ryan (85).

The most questionable pick by far is the decision to rate Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan higher. The other quarterbacks either definitely deserve higher ratings or have a pretty good case to be rated higher than Baker, Ryan doesn’t.

Matt Ryan has not played at a top ten quarterback level since he won the MVP award back in 2016, except for maybe in 2018.

Obviously, this is just a video game. It’s not super serious but it does go to show how much people are underestimating the Cleveland Browns and Baker Mayfield. With how the team has been reconstructed and retooled, this team is a legitimate championship contender.

If Baker Mayfield can play how he did during the second half of last season, he could be a dark horse MVP candidate and could solidify his case as a top 10 quarterback in the NFL today.

At the end of the day, these ratings are absolutely meaningless and have nothing to do with real-life football, this will just end up adding fuel to the fire that burns inside the hearts of Baker and each and every player on this Cleveland Browns team.

You never know, next year we could be seeing Mayfield as the cover athlete after bringing the Browns back to glory.