Cleveland Browns: Myles Garrett starts beef with the Paul brothers

The regular season can’t come soon enough as Cleveland Browns players are becoming restless. Myles Garrett has resorted to starting beef with the Paul brothers.

Cleveland Browns superstar edge rusher Myles Garrett once again has become a topic of discussion on social media. This time, it comes by way of social media influencers turned professional fighters, Jake and Logan Paul.

The Paul brothers have continued to stay in the news cycle because of their new fighting careers. Several athletes, including boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, NBA All-Star Nate Robinson, and former UFC fighter Ben Askren have met either Jake or Logan in the ring.

Jake Paul will be fighting former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley on August 28.

This is where Myles Garrett comes in. He commented on the upcoming fight.

“I’d beat the brakes off of Logan Paul, but I have bigger fish to fry” – Myles Garrett via Complex

Garrett has always been very active on social media so it’s no surprise that he and the Paul brothers have crossed paths. His new teammate, the Cleveland Browns’ first-round draft pick, Greg Newsome III, stood firmly in Garrett’s corner.

“Name a dollar amount I’ll put it ALL on MG” – Greg Newsome via Twitter

While it’s great to see that Myles Garrett is already at midseason intensity, it’s a waste for it to be targeted at someone as irrelevant to what he does as the Paul’s. This close to the season, it’s concerning to see players focused on outside distractions. Hopefully, the “bigger fish” is in reference to the, you know, NFL season which is just over two weeks away.

After missing eight games over the past two seasons, the hope is that he’ll finally play a full season. Garrett was named to the First Team All-Pro in 2020 and could be in position to actually compete for the Defensive Player of the Year award for the entire season instead of falling off everybody’s radar the last quarter of the season.

If Garrett can keep his head in the game and his body on the field for all 17, or 16 if he rests in Week 18, games then it’ll solidify the Cleveland Browns as Super Bowl contenders.