Browns defense is trending upward, just be patient

Despite the Chiefs putting up 33, the new look Browns defense actually played good Sunday, and will be just fine

Usually, when a team puts up 33 points, you don’t think the defense that allowed the points played well. If you were to leave it up to casual Cleveland Browns fans, Joe Woods would be gone and the Browns would be back in square one. However, I am here to tell you to relax.

This new look and re-vamped Browns defense has seven new starters out of 11. If you think right out of the gate against the juggernaut offensive team in the Chiefs they are supposed to play a lot better than they did Sunday, you’re just wrong.

The Browns only allowed 10 points in the first half, as they ended up leading 22-10 at the half. While the Chiefs did put up 23 second half points, think about what happened. Nick Chubb fumbled around the fifty yard line, setting them up with awesome field position.

Jamie Gillan muffed a punt, setting them up with only 30 yards to go to get a score. Even then, the Browns only allowed a touchdown one of those two times, as the Chiefs only got a field goal after the Chubb fumble.

New defensive back John Johnson looked very solid, despite allowing the bomb to Tyreek Hill. Denzel Ward acted his normal self, making big plays at the right time. Myles Garrett and Jedeveon Clowney both blew a play up in the backfield. Malik McDowell looked legit, and ended up finishing 3rd in grades amongst all other defensive tackles after Week 1.

Trust me, I understand. To be the best, you have to beat the best. Not too many Browns fans seem to be fans of moral victories, and that is just fine. That said, no more trashing Joe Woods or the defense.

It took the offense around 7 weeks to fully grasp and understand what Kevin Stefanski was trying to teach them. While it is a game they could have won, it is still one you can take many positives out of.