Daily Dawg Tags: Refs, NFL continue to stick it to Browns players

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know including the league officials continuing to stick it to this team

For whatever reason, NFL officials seem to have it out for the Cleveland Browns.

No, I am not normally a “conspiracy guy” and I don’t go along with the whole “rigged” theory when it comes to sports. Having said that, it’s hard to justify why the league continues to miss calls in Cleveland games —‚ and why they get hit with some pretty poor penalties.

One example of the confounding flags came in Week 6 against Arizona when Malik McDowell was hit with one of the worst roughing the passer penalties ever. While the penalty was bad, what’s worse is the fact that the league saw it, and instead of saying “oh that shouldn’t have been a flag,” they doubled down and fined McDowell.

Here’s a clip of the play, and you might want to make sure children aren’t watching because it’s brutal.

It’s understandable that the league wants to protect all quarterbacks —‚ except Baker Mayfield — because they bring in the money. But this one was ridiculous and to throw a fine on top of it only makes it more difficult to say that the league’s officials don’t hate Cleveland.

A look at this play and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

Cleveland Browns News

Questionable Malik McDowell penalty from Week 6 leads to a fine as well — Jared Mueller, Browns Wire

“As Murray started to throw the ball away, the Browns defensive lineman attempted to make a play on the quarterback. McDowell ended up pushing Murray’s own arm into his own head, knocking him to the ground.

A play that didn’t seem worthy of a penalty now earns a fine.”

Mueller said it best, this play didn’t deserve a flag, let alone a fine. In recent weeks, Cleveland players have been vocal about their frustration with officials and it’s now safe to start wondering if this has anything to do with the league coming down hard on them. It may sound crazy but watch the ‘penalty’ again and try to find a better explanation.

Browns Rumors: Baker Mayfield Won’t Play Unless Doctors Feel He Can Protect Himself — Erin Walsh, Bleacher Report

“Mayfield’s injury issues began in Week 2 when he dislocated his left shoulder while trying to make a tackle on an interception return against the Houston Texans. He then landed on the shoulder in Week 6 and reaggravated the injury.”

Mayfield is the future under center but this injury is exactly why they paid Case Keenum. He’s a solid veteran who can hold things down until Mayfield is healthy. It’s okay to be smart with this injury, especially since there are options.

D’Ernest Johnson highlights historic rushing season

John Suchan was more than impressed with the way D’Ernest Johnson played on Thursday night. He also compared the way the entire Cleveland rushing attack looks when compared to some of their best seasons historically.

Week 6 Grades: Reserves help team make the honor roll

Eddie McDonald issues the weekly awards for Cleveland and he was handing out some high grades following the win over Denver.