Cleveland Browns: 3 big name free agents that would make a splash

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Cleveland Browns

May 14, 2021; Berea, Ohio, USA; Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski (left) watches camp with general manager Andrew Berry during rookie minicamp at the Cleveland Browns Training Facility. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns will have some decision to make in regards to the roster and there are plenty of big-name free agents that would make a splash.

Every single year, NFL rosters transform for better or for worse. Sometimes it comes down to money and other times it comes down to best fits for a player, schematically. Regardless, rosters are going to change and the Cleveland Browns need to make some changes so 2022 isn’t a repeat of 2021.

Every position on the roster will be evaluated by people far smarter than me when it comes to assembling an NFL team. Every roster can be upgraded, even the Browns roster. As the roster is currently constructed, Cleveland could make upgrades to almost every position on the roster, but that’s not a bad thing.

Fans tend to overvalue rosters due to their fandom, and that is totally common. With that said, there are better options in free agency or on other teams’ rosters than what the Browns have currently. The same can be said for the other 31 teams as well.

You can root for players on other teams and still be a fan of the Browns. There are players on every single team that I would take in a heartbeat if the situation presented itself. That doesn’t mean I’m not a Browns fan. Rooting for opposing players is not a sign of a “fake” fan.

There are a number of big-name free agents on the market this upcoming offseason that would vastly improve the Browns on both sides of the football. For the sake of this list, I will focus on just three, but there are plenty I could list here. And this list just so happens to focus on defensive players, but there are guys like Davante Adams, Chris Godwin, and Michael Gallup that would serve this list’s purpose as well.

Now, onto the big-name free agents.

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