Cleveland Browns roasted by Chargers in schedule release

The Los Angeles Chargers are going viral for an anime schedule release that roasted several teams, including the Cleveland Browns who they face in Week 5

Over the past few seasons, NFL teams have been coming up with some creative ways to release their schedules to fans — and the Los Angeles Chargers may have outdone them all.

The production team for the Chargers created an anime video that poked fun at many teams, including Jacksonville where they had a cartoon Jaguar in a bar, which looked a lot like Urban Meyer from his infamous incident in 2021.

As for the Cleveland Browns, who face the Chargers in Week 5, their joke was a little less subtle. Once they got to the Week 5 slide, they simply showed a nature scene with a rainbow saying they redacted the Browns joke “on advice of our lawyers.”

Clearly, this is poking fun at the Browns for the fact that they have a very serious legal situation looming over the head of their biggest star.

Deshaun Watson, who was added in a high-profile trade this offseason, is facing allegations of sexual misconduct. And while two separate grand juries decided not to indict him on charges, there are 22 civil suits pending.

There’s a belief Watson won’t appear in court until next year, which would likely mean he could play for the entire 2022 season, but the Browns will still surely have a lot of backlash for their addition.

Los Angeles and Cleveland played one another last season and the Bolts put up 26 points in the final quarter as the Browns surrendered a two-touchdown lead. In an 8-9 campaign, this loss loomed large since it appeared Cleveland had a win in the bag.

Now, there’s some extra fuel for the fire as the Browns will want to quiet the Chargers down this season following the joke from their video team.