Cleveland Browns could have answers on Deshaun Watson soon

While the Cleveland Browns are preparing for the 2022 season, Deshaun Watson is still defending his innocence with the NFL and federal courts.

After trading six total picks (three of which were in round one) to land Deshaun Watson, the Cleveland Browns may be getting closer to having a few more answers about their quarterback.

With the 22 civil cases not set to be heard until after next season, there is speculation that Watson will not be suspended for the 2022 season.

A tweet this morning from Josina Anderson hints that more clarity could come to light in the next week. It appears that Watson is scheduled to meet with NFL officials this week in Houston. The topic of discussion is not clear, but much can be implied.

With no criminal charges at the moment, it feels like it would be unprecedented for a suspension to occur. However, there is a full expectation of some sort of punishment after all the cases have been handled.

Watson has remained adamant that he will fight for his innocence, but that could take a good amount of time.

There is far more behind this situation than just “football”, but I’m going to talk about the football aspect only today. With Watson as the quarterback for 17 games in 2022, I think the Browns are one of the top-five teams in the NFL.

Anything less than a playoff berth and making it to the divisional round of the playoffs would be disappointing.

Without Watson for a certain amount of time and playing Jacoby Brissett, the Browns become an average football team. They could still certainly win a few games but are also a very beatable team.

The first four weeks of the 2022 season are not that difficult, so serving the suspension in 2022 would not be the worst outcome for the Browns.

It’s great to have a guy with as much talent as Watson, but I think everyone is ready for this situation to be behind him.