Cleveland Browns: Kevin Stefanski excited to have David Bell

The Cleveland Browns selected wide receiver David Bell with the 99th pick in the 2022 draft, Kevin Stefanski appears to be very happy about this.

The Cleveland Browns wide receiver room needed a makeover after last season when it was clear they didn’t have enough talent to get it done.

Cleveland started off this change by trading for Amari Cooper and giving that room an actual number one option.

The Browns then drafted David Bell out of Purdue with the 99th overall pick, a move that Kevin Stefanski has shown he is in favor of.

The above press conversation came during this past weekend’s rookie minicamp but was not the first time Stefanski praised David Bell. Bell isn’t the flashiest or the fastest wide receiver but when you watch his tape and look at the numbers he just gets it done.

There are two really important questions you must ask about a wide receiver. Does he get open and does he catch the ball, and that is exactly what Bell does. He gets open and has really reliable hands to make the routine and the difficult catches.

Bell is a volume receiver, he can take a large number of targets and make the most out of each opportunity he gets. He isn’t going to blow past you with blazing speed but you can count on him to make the plays when you need them made.

Bell has shown some versatility and has the skill set to play both inside and outside as Stefanski talks about in the clip above. It is clear that with these comments and others that Stefanski has a defined plan and vision to capitalize on David Bell’s potential and ability.

Bell may not be a number one wide receiver but with a player like this, he should be a great number two for a long time in this league.