Deshaun Watson: Taylor Lewan wants Ryan Tannehill to take notes

Deshaun Watson is taking his teammates to the Bahamas and Taylor Lewan thinks Ryan Tannehill should be paying attention to the gesture

The Cleveland Browns offense will be heading to the Bahamas for some bonding and Deshaun Watson is footing the bill for the trip.

While this gesture will surely help the team bond, it’s also gotten some notice from other teams.

In fact, Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan recently quote-tweeted a piece about the trip, and tagged his team’s quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Lewan included the caption “something to think about.”

According to reports, Watson and the Browns offense won’t be there just to relax. They are said to be doing “on-field” work in addition to bonding. But of course, we all know the real reason isn’t to go out there and work on some plays — this team is taking some time to relax.

And that’s not a bad thing. Cleveland’s offense has done similar trips in the past when Baker Mayfield was the starting quarterback. They had gone to Montana as well as Austin to work out together.

The big difference here is that Watson and the Browns offense has also gone to OTAs, whereas the 2021 team did not. At the urging of J.C. Tretter — who is also the NFLPA president — the Browns avoided voluntary workouts.

With Tretter gone in 2022, the team decided to come back and head coach Kevin Stefanski was grateful. He even said he was looking forward to a normal offseason with the team showing up.

As for the trip, there’s no word on whether or not Tannehill has decided to take his team to the Bahamas, but it’s probably a safe bet that Taylor Lewan will ask again.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a free trip to the Bahamas?