3 Cleveland Browns who may lose their roster spot to rookies

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Cleveland Browns Player No. 3 that may be replaced by a rookie: Kareem Hunt, running back

This thought has nothing to do with the talent of Kareem Hunt because he was sorely missed in 2021 when injured. He still remains one of the top 15 running backs in the league but he is in the final year of his deal.

With all the extensions the Browns have signed, including Nick Chubb, it is highly unlikely they will re-sign Kareem Hunt. You also saw the Browns draft the University of Cincinnati running back Jerome Ford who does a lot of the same things Hunt does, just not as well.

Though Ford might not be ready the Browns also have D’Ernest Johnson who showed last year that he is a strong number two running back. Also, don’t forget Demetric Felton is also in that room, the running back room is very crowded.

Moving Hunt this year does not make the Browns better but it does make sense to get something in return for a great player.

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Moving Kareem Hunt could make a ton of sense because as trade assets go he may have a really good market and the Browns could capitalize on a player that is likely gone in 2023 anyway.