Rumor: Baker Mayfield trade talks ‘heating up’

Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports
Cleveland Browns. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cleveland Browns could be close to finding a suitor for Baker Mayfield. It will be a sad ending to an era, but it’s time for it to happen.

The Cleveland Browns have tried to not show any desperation at this point, but everyone (including all 32 NFL teams) knows exactly how desperate they are to move on from Baker Mayfield.

Even with all of the questions surrounding Deshaun Watson’s availability next season, there is no scenario where Mayfield can remain on this team and be a functioning piece.

The Carolina Panthers continue to be the number one prospect when it comes to trade partners. Rumors were flying during the draft that a deal was close but ultimately fell apart because of Andrew Berry’s unwillingness to take on a big chunk of his salary for the 2022 season.

Baker Mayfield trade talks ‘heating up’

CBS Sports continues to report that deal could be done soon, as the Panthers are now motivated to get Mayfield quickly so he can participate in minicamp with the team.

Again, it sounds like the only thing holding up a deal at the moment is the amount of the $18.9 million is he willing to eat.

At this point, Berry needs to swallow his pride and get a deal done. Even if he has to eat 75 percent of the money and he can get a fifth-round pick in return, just do it. Mayfield needs a fresh start, and this appears to be the best opportunity on the table.

The other interesting piece to this puzzle is what the Browns would get in return. I haven’t seen a ton of rumors that Sam Darnold would be involved, but why not? The Browns don’t need the salary cap relief for 2022, and they certainly have a lot of question marks at quarterback.

Even if Jacoby Brissett beat him out in camp (assuming Watson is suspended), a little competition never hurt anyone.

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Either way, it looks as though an end to this sage might finally be in sight.