Baker Mayfield: 3 reasons the Browns are struggling to find trade partner

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While some thought the Cleveland Browns would have no issues trading Baker Mayfield, it has proven to be a tall task. Here is why.

With mandatory minicamps starting this week, the pressure is mounting for the Cleveland Browns to figure out what to do with Baker Mayfield. After giving up six picks and signing Deshaun Watson to a record extension, there are too many distractions to make this relationship work.

Andrew Berry appears to have two options at this time, and the second option which would be his release is feeling more and more imminent. The Browns have been shopping for a trade partner for months, but it appears that other teams aren’t interested.

Baker Mayfield

Mar 14, 2018; Stillwater, OK, USA; Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield is seen prior to drills during Pro Day at Everestt Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Reason for no interest in Baker Mayfield No. 3 – Attitude Concern

When it comes to playing quarterback in the NFL, I have no issue if my guy plays with a chip on his shoulder, but it appears that Baker Mayfield has a boulder. He takes everything so personally, and I think it has got to a point in Cleveland where it’s working against him.

Last year he certainly fought through some injuries, but he also just started forcing things which led to turnovers. The turnovers led to losses; the losses led to tough questions from the media. And unfortunately, the tough questions from the media led to some attitude issues that weren’t appreciated by all.

It became a constant battle of Mayfield talking about playing better and calling out doubters, and still way too much inconsistent play on Sundays.

The bottom line is, that Mayfield isn’t good enough to act the way he did in Cleveland. He became a loose cannon when talking to the media and it felt like he lost the locker room as well. Why would a team be willing to pay someone $18.9 million for one season when there are so many red flags?

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