Daily Dawg Tags: Deshaun Watson settles, will get counseling

The Daily Dawg Tags bring you all the Cleveland Browns news you need to know, including a look at Deshaun Watson settling and agreeing to counseling

Cleveland Browns fans are surely tired of all the talk about off-field issues surrounding Deshaun Watson. However, the recent news is showing that the team’s new quarterback appears willing to do whatever he can to turn things around and make the focus be all about football again.

On Tuesday, Watson agreed to settle 20 of his 24 pending legal suits. This comes not long after he agreed to seek counseling — something he said he didn’t need when he first arrived in Cleveland.

The story on Watson and more can be found in today’s Daily Dawg Tags.

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Deshaun Watson, in settling and getting counseling, is showing the NFL he’s willing to do the work: Browns Takeaways — Mary Kay Cabot, Cleveland.com

“Over the past two weeks, Deshaun Watson has shown the NFL he’s willing to do the work to move forward from the his off-the-field issues and resume his NFL career.”

Watson has changed course recently as he’s gone from someone who wanted to go to court to try and clear his name to one who decided to start settling cases. On top of that, he decided to get counseling after initially saying he didn’t have a problem. These are good steps in order to get back on the field but it won’t eliminate the dark cloud lingering over his head — or the team’s for making this move.

Browns sign LB Dakota Allen who starred in ‘Last Chance U’ show — Jared Mueller, Browns Wire

“Prior to entering the NFL, Allen was a star on the Netflix hit show ‘Last Chance U’ where he took advantage of the second chance to showcase his talents.”

Allen was able to get a shot with the Rams and has spent the past two seasons in Jacksonville. With the Browns, he has a real shot at making the roster, since they’re not terribly deep at linebacker.

What Deshaun Watson settlement means for availability in 2022

The settlements won’t change the duration of the penalty as someone in the league has come out and said this won’t affect the discipline, however, it could hurry up the process. It’s surely easier for the league to make a ruling on settled cases rather than open ones.

Browns top 10 quarterbacks in franchise history

With Deshaun Watson taking over as the starting quarterback in 2022, it felt like a good time to go down memory lane and rank the 10 best signal-callers in Browns history.