Cleveland Browns unique and special running back room

Browns, Kareem Hunt, Nick. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Browns, Kareem Hunt, Nick. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns have a rare 5-man backfield, where all 5 of the running backs are capable of making an impact for the offense, and none of them are unhappy.

The Cleveland Browns have a running back situation like no other team as they have 5 running backs who are all capable of getting quality touches on a weekly basis. The number was four last season, with Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, D’Ernest Johnson, and Demetric Felton. Now, add explosive Cincinnati Bearcats rookie Jerome Ford to the mix, and there’s all of a sudden a fifth in the mix.

However, it’s also a rare situation due to the fact that two of the league’s top-tier running backs are on the same team in Chubb and Hunt, but neither are upset with their lack of opportunities. The situation is an absolute rarity nowadays, as most of the time we would see one of the backs request a trade to seek more opportunities elsewhere.

With two selfless backs leading the Browns’ dominant rushing attack, it truly sets Cleveland up for success in 2022.

As injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, Cleveland is in a rare situation where they don’t need to immediately explore other options at running back. Rather it is the next-man-up mentality and whoever it is that comes into the game will be ready and perform.

Nick Chubb, a 3-time Pro Bowler, and 2021 First-team All-Pro is more than used to competing for opportunities. This started for Chubb in college at Georgia, where he was in a crowded backfield with the likes of Todd Gurley, Keith Marshall, and five-star recruit Sony Michel.

In the first game Chubb ever played in at Georgia, he scored a 50-yard touchdown against Clemson. Nick said on the Varsity House Podcast, “I knew my time would come and when it did, I knew I had to take advantage of it.”

Chubb also expressed that he teaches guys like Demetric Felton to make plays with every opportunity he gets.

“Every time he [Demetric Felton] gets a chance to touch the ball he makes great plays, he scores touchdowns, he breaks tackles, he’s quick and he’s agile,” Chubb said.

Demetric Felton talked about what it is like in a stacked running back’s room, as someone who spends some time with the wide receivers.

“You always have to be on your game, every time you step foot in that building. Every day is like an interview,” Felton said.

Chubb spoke about the idea of him splitting time with several other guys in a crowded running back room.

“I do like it [splitting carries], it’s something that I’ve become accustomed to.” He continued to say, “the position we play, you kind of have to do that. It keeps you fresh mentally and physically. In the game, I know it’s not just on me. I don’t have to go out there and save the day,” Nick Chubb said.

Earlier this offseason, D’Ernest Johnson signed a one-year extension, worth up to $2.43 million with the Browns.

Johnson has stepped up for the Cleveland when they needed it most. Last season, D’Ernest rushed for 534 yards and scored three touchdowns and capitalized on the chances he received.

Kareem Hunt expressed his desire to remain in Cleveland long-term during his second-annual youth football camp at his alma-mater, Willoughby South High School.

“We’re trying to get there for sure. So I’ll see in the next couple of weeks,” Hunt said when talking about a contract extension that would keep him in Cleveland. Kareem also previously stated that he wants to remain a Brown in the future.

Hunt went on to discuss the crowded running back’s room and how he’s already experienced a loaded positional group in his career.

“It’s always a plus to have a lot of good running backs. In my whole career, I’ve been crowded with great backs,” Kareem Hunt said.

Kareem spoke on why he’s content with not being the only guy in a running back room.

“I believe in myself and what I can do on the field. I am ready to compete whenever,” Hunt emphasized.

Browns rookie Jerome Ford was in a similar situation during his senior year of high school than he is now with a lot of talent at the running back position.

Ford expressed his willingness to do whatever it takes to get on the field.

“If they ask me to play slot receiver or run the ball, I’m ready to do it,” Ford said.

The Browns’ running back’s room is the most selfless and talented positional group Cleveland has had in a long time, filled with players who are just hungry to win.

There are 5-players, competing for jobs, all cheering each other on who has only one goal in their minds… winning football games.

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Look for the Browns to lean on their top-tier rushing attack, as they have in the past with Kevin Stefanski, to lead them to victory in 2022.