3 remaining questions for Browns after the first full week of camp

Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports /
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Browns, Deshaun Watson
Browns, Deshaun Watson /

Question No. 1 – How long will Deshaun Watson be suspended?

Last but certainly not least, how long will the Browns be without their starting quarterback?

You have already seen me say that if it’s anything longer than eight games, I would find a way to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. I know he is a one-year rental with an injury history, but this roster is too talented to put in the hands of Jacoby Brissett.

I like Brissett and he is a fantastic backup, but to willingly go into a season where you know he is going to be the starter, is not an educated move in my book. But again, maybe the suspension will only be six games, no one really knows.

The good news for the Browns, of the first six games of the season, four are extremely winnable even with Brissett as the starter. But if you get into divisional games in Weeks 7 and 8 and lose both, you could quickly be in a hole that is too deep to climb out of.

The expectation is the suspension will go up from six, but how much is enough to satisfy Roger Goodell? Even though a formal federal judge ruled six games, this is a crucial point where he can show the NFL players association that he is still the “boss”.

My expectations are eight to 10 games. That’s enough to satisfy the NFL, and not enough to force Watson into another lawsuit vs. the league. However, if that is the case, the Browns need to make a move at quarterback to not waste prime years of talented guys on this roster.

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