Cleveland Browns schedule prediction post Deshaun Watson settlement

Browns, Jacoby Brissett.
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Week 3 vs Pittsburgh Steelers: Loss (2-1)

Every year people think this is the year the Steelers fall off and then every year they manage to have at least a .500 record. The Browns can absolutely compete with the Steelers but they have the run defense to stifle Cleveland’s rushing attack and force Brissett to beat them, which I don’t think he can. Yes, the Steelers have major questions at the quarterback position too but early the Steeler’s defense trumps the Browns, and Tomlin does what he does and they pull out a close one.

Week 4 at Atlanta Falcons: Win (3-1)

The Atlanta Falcons roster doesn’t have a lot of things to be excited about especially on the offensive side of the ball outside of Kyle Pitts. The offensive line isn’t likely to be able to move the Browns’ defense or protect quarterback Marcus Mariota. Corner A. J. Terrell is one of the best in the game but outside of him who scares you on the defense? As long as the Browns play sound football and don’t shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers they should win this game.

Week 5 vs Los Angeles Chargers: Loss (3-2)

This game is easy to predict with Brissett at quarterback the Chargers just flat out have more talent than the Browns. With the improved pass rush in L.A. if Brissett is forced to have to win the game I don’t see how he is able to do it.

The Chargers should be able to limit the damage the Browns do on the ground and they won’t be able to keep up with Herbert just by running the ball, this one could be a little lopsided.

Week 6 vs New England Patriots: Win (4-2)

Unlike some from around the league, I am far from sold on quarterback Mac Jones and the Patriots offense being much to be afraid of. If the Browns’ defense is healthy they should be able to handle that passing attack, especially with the bad taste in their mouth from last year’s matchup.

There are no true star playmakers on that offense to fear with the level of defensive back play the Browns should get. This is another game where if Brissett can manage the game and not turn it over they should be able to come out with their fourth win of the season.