Cleveland Browns: Is Anthony Schwartz fixable?

Anthony Schwartz, Browns. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Anthony Schwartz, Browns. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

As the preseason comes to an end, could Anthony Schwartz Browns career also be nearing a conclusion?

Even after being reduced to three games, the preseason is still too long. Too many injuries and too many bad things happen to great players across the league during the three-week ramp-up. While I’m a firm believer they could get away with just a two-game preseason, here we are.

However, teams use the exhibition games to evaluate players on their rosters, more importantly guys who are on the bubble to make their final 53-man roster. For the Cleveland Browns, the wide receiver position is one that could need some work and is still not a finished product by any means.

For receiver Anthony Schwartz, he needed this preseason to prove himself as valuable and prove he can do more than run sprints up and down the football field. He did the exact opposite in his three opportunities, leaving everyone wondering if he is even worthy of a 53-man roster spot.

Can the Browns fix Anthony Schwartz?

Through the preseason, Schwartz had six drops, averaging two drops per game. So, what’s wrong with the kid?

There’s no question Schwartz can flat-out run. He’s a vertical threat that can beat just about anyone down the field. That said, speed can only get you so far. He’s not just dropping passes on deep balls like the one in the preseason finale against the Bears on Saturday night, he’s dropping passes as simple as five-yard slants and out routes.

Mentally, Schwartz just isn’t where he needs to be. Fans brought scattered boos with them to First Energy Stadium last night when Schwartz couldn’t make a play. Schwartz was seen at one point sitting on the Browns bench with his head down and a Gatorade towel covering his head after he was pulled from Saturday night’s game.

Head coach Kevin Stefanski said following the game that Schwartz “is not in jeopardy of getting cut” despite all the drops and the daunting preseason he had.

With talks of the Browns looking at the receiver market around the league, it still remains unclear how much they will actually utilize Schwartz and how many targets he will get his way if any at all.

If they still believe in Schwartz and still think he can be fixed, Stefanski and company need to sit down and have a meeting with him and make sure he can get his head on straight. If he’s able to do that, he may be worth throwing the ball his way early in the season to see if he can translate it to game action.

He flashed some potential in camp, but it remains yet to be seen in-game action.

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