Baker Mayfield loves playing that controversial game

Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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History repeats itself: Flag planting at Ohio State

When Cleveland drafted Mayfield back in 2018 it immediately brought back the memory of the day he planted the Oklahoma Sooner flag at the 50-yard line at Ohio State’s stadium after their upset win over the Buckeyes.

Many Browns fans though were willing to put that moment aside because he was our new starting quarterback. He did bring four years of great effort and the team back from the dead.

“We’re not in Kansas anymore”

This moment in time also captures a lot of people’s attention because Mayfield decided to create controversy against an awful university of Kansas Jayhawk football team. The Jayhawks wouldn’t shake hands with Mayfield at the coin flip.

That led to Mayfield insulting fans throughout the game and doing a few other inappropriate things. I’ve been to a game or two back in the day at Jayhawk Stadium and it’s not exactly the “Mecca of college football” so his antics seemed a little bit too much for a game that mattered very little.

Who’s your Daddy?

Prior to the start of a game between Oklahoma and the Baylor Bears, the Sooner quarterback, along with some of his other teammates created an early game controversy by asking “Who’s your Daddy”  to the Baylor head coach and players.

Run from the cops

Prior to the 2018 draft, there was a video making the rounds that showed Mayfield running and eventually being tackled by police after a night out on the town. There was concern at the time that Mayfield reminded too many of another prominent college figure of the past, a one Johnny Manziel.

From the video, you have to wonder if the Sooner quarterback has fully recovered from that tackle.