Browns need to reevaluate Joe Woods after Week 2 loss

Cleveland Browns, Joe Woods
Cleveland Browns, Joe Woods /

The Cleveland Browns managed to blow a game in which they led by 13 points with 1:55 on the clock, which falls on the shoulders of defensive coordinator Joe Woods

One of the most embarrassing losses in the Kevin Stefanski era occurred Sunday afternoon when the Cleveland Browns couldn’t hold a 13-point lead with under two minutes on the clock.

To 37-year-old Joe Flacco, of all people.

Someone losing their job is never something to condone, especially with the rise in inflation and cost of living, but it is time that the Browns take a hard look at defensive coordinator Joe Woods.

The Cleveland offense put up 30 points and allowed just 17 points and then Woods dialed up defenses that allowed a 66-yard pass from Flacco to Corey Davis to bring the score within six. Then the special teams botched the ensuing onside kick and the wheels were nearly all off.

Speaking of special teams, coordinator Mike Priefer also needs to be re-evaluated. Special teams have been a disaster over the last couple of seasons. The worst part about the Jets recovering the onside kick is the fact the Browns took a timeout to adjust to the ball being placed sideways on the field.

Flacco, a known Browns killer, orchestrated a nine-play, 53-yard scoring drive that resulted in a 15-yard touchdown pass to rookie Garrett Wilson to stun the FirstEnergy Stadium faithful. How was he that open? This secondary was getting torched all day.

The Browns nearly coughed up the game against the Panthers in Week 1 on busted coverages. This shouldn’t be a thing against Flacco and Baker Mayfield of all quarterbacks. All offseason all we’ve heard and discussed is how the defense will need to lead the way until Deshaun Watson makes his season debut in Week 13.

After the first two weeks, the defense hasn’t held up its end of the bargain. The Jets allowed Flacco to get sacked four times last week against the Ravens but tightened up to allow just two this week. Where were the blitz packages? New York was using backups on the offensive line and that didn’t seem to matter at all.

Time and time again to start this season, the Browns have looked lost in the secondary. No communication and a lot of confusion going on. That falls on the defensive coordinator more than anyone. If he remains with this team after this abysmal performance, this fanbase is going to be up in arms. There’s far too much talent for Flacco to carve you up when it matters the most.

There is nothing that can justify Woods being on this coaching staff after one of the worst losses in the past 23 years. Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry need to recognize this and take action or it might be an even longer season until Watson makes his debut.

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