Will Jacoby Brissett challenge Deshaun Watson for Browns starting job?

Browns, Deshaun Watson, Jacoby Brissett. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images)
Browns, Deshaun Watson, Jacoby Brissett. (Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images via Getty Images) /

Will the Cleveland Browns have a quarterback controversy on their hands when Deshaun Watson returns if Jacoby Brissett keeps playing at a high level?

Following a rusty showing in Week 1, Jacoby Brissett was hearing questions about his fit as the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback.

Now after two strong showings, there are whispers about what could happen if he continues to play this way as Week 13 approaches.

That date is important because it’s the first game Deshaun Watson will be available to play for Cleveland following his 11-game suspension. After throwing it all over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk asked if Watson should be given the job right away.

Pump the brakes on Browns quarterback controversy

Florio is right that Brissett is playing well and also says that Watson shouldn’t be handed the job since he was out for the entire 2021 season and will miss 11 games this year. While all of that’s true, Cleveland will have plenty of time to figure this out.

Watson will be allowed to play in Week 13 but he can return for meetings on Oct. 10. Then on Nov. 14, two weeks before he’s reinstated, he can return to practice. This will give the coaching staff plenty of time to judge whether or not Watson will be ready to go.

As long as he looks anywhere close to ready, there’s no reason to think they won’t turn things over to Watson. They paid him $230 million guaranteed for a reason and the fact that he’s been out so long is an even bigger reason to get him on the field as soon as possible.

Keeping him sidelined would only increase the length of time he sits out, so ripping off the band-aid and getting him some reps is going to be needed. Cleveland will face Watson’s former team, the Houston Texans, in Week 13. They’re not exactly a tough defense, so this will be the perfect game for him to knock the rust off and prepare for a run down the stretch.

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