Cleveland Browns offensive trio leading the charge this season

Browns, Nick Chubb
Browns, Nick Chubb /
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The Browns are off to a fast start on the offensive end of the ball and they’ve had several key players step up so far

The Cleveland Browns have a very talented offensive unit this year, one that’s already averaging 26 points per game and has helped the team go 2-1 in the early part of the season. Included in that group of stars are a quarterback, a running back, and a wide receiver and when you have that trio making plays on every series, it’s a hard thing to stop. The momentum that Jacoby Brissett, Nick Chubb, and Amari Cooper have generated so far this season has been excellent, and barring an injury to any of them, they will continue to carry this dynamic part of the team.

It’s definitely been an advantage to the Browns to have all three of these players playing some great football so far. They all played very well in Thursday night’s win where they beat AFC North rival Pittsburgh 29-17. Brissett had 220 yards passing and two touchdowns. Cooper had one of those touchdowns and went over 100 yards receiving for the second straight game, which hadn’t been done since Josh Gordan did that in 2013. Chubb was again brilliant, going for 123 yards and another touchdown.

Let’s discuss these three players a bit more and why what they are doing is so impressive to this point.

Cleveland Browns trio is locked in this season

Browns, Jacoby Brissett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /

No. 3: Jacoby Brissett, QB

The hope by most was that Brissett would be able to manage the offense, not turn the ball over, and keep the team above water until Deshaun Watson returned from his suspension. The surprise to some is that Brissett is getting more comfortable in this offense and is looking like a solid choice to be the Browns’ long-term substitute. The season is still in the very early stages and a lot can change from week to week, but if Cleveland can continue to get good quarterback play, then this team will be in a position to win most games.

Brissett has had a lot of playing experience where he’s filled in for some other big-name quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Andrew Luck and while some may believe he’s simply a nice backup quarterback, Brissett probably doesn’t look at this window of time with the Browns as if he’s just the substitute. He’s been around the NFL a lot and he knows how important it is to step up when your number is called and to this point in Cleveland, he’s making the most of this challenge.

After a bit of inaccuracy in Week 1, he’s come back strong in these last two weeks. Overall, Brissett’s completed 61 passes and has a 66.3 completion percentage. More importantly, he’s thrown four touchdown passes to only one interception. He’s also added another layer to his dependable offensive tools which have included his ability to run a bit or punch the ball forward on numerous quarterback sneak plays. His 6-foot-4 frame has given him an advantage of stretching for those precious yards to keep the chains moving.

He’s an imposing figure and he’s taking advantage of that physicality so far this season and has helped the Browns a lot in that department. That part of his game will continue to get stronger too as his confidence in running this unit gets better.