Cleveland Browns offensive trio leading the charge this season

Browns, Nick Chubb
Browns, Nick Chubb /
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Browns, Nick Chubb. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /

No. 1: Nick Chubb, RB

The fans down at First Energy Stadium have been chanting Chubb’s name a lot these last couple of weeks. They know what a special running back he is and how he’s helped shape what this team is all about.

Cleveland has the best run game in the league and Chubb’s abilities are becoming legendary as he climbs the all-time Browns rushing list. He passed Kevin Mack on that list with his 123 yards this past Thursday. He now is set to pass Greg Pruitt on that list at No. 4 who gained 5,497 career yards. Chubb is only 339 yards from that mark. He currently has 341 yards this season and shows no signs of slowing down.

Chubb’s been so consistent throughout his career and this season he’s off to his best start. His 72 carries, 341 rushing yards and four touchdowns are the best to open the season in his first five years with the Browns. His 5.5 yards per carry average and 118 yards a game average are both above his career averages.

It’s the fact that when Chubb is out on the field most defenses have to be at their very best to stop the constant threat of him breaking one and going in for the touchdown. You add in that the Browns can send out other running back Kareem Hunt to give Chubb a breather is simply a luxury that no other team can claim.

Chubb will be in the hunt for the NFL rushing title for the rest of the season but for him what matters most is his team winning and that’s what they are doing thanks in part to his great start.

With Brissett gaining confidence, Cooper showing his all-pro talents, and Chubb finishing off each run by falling forward and bulldozing his opponents this Browns offense is becoming a fine-oiled machine.