Myles Garrett appears to have no lingering injuries following crash

Myles Garrett, Browns
Myles Garrett, Browns /

Myles Garrett was in a single car crash on Monday and was fortunately not seriously hurt, nor was his passenger

There was some scary news on Monday as it was reported that Cleveland Browns star pass rusher Myles Garrett was involved in a single-car crash after leaving practice.

As soon as it was reported, the reports indicated that both he and his passenger were taken to the hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening. The term “minor” was used as well, which was a relief.

Clearly, human life is far more important than the game we all love, so hearing that he and his passenger would be fine was paramount. Having said that, minor injuries in a car crash might not be the same as minor injuries for a player — so missed time was still on the table for Garrett.

However, it appears he may have escaped that concern as well. Garrett was released late Monday night and did not suffer any broken bones according to a report.

Myles Garrett has been great so far in 2022

Garrett has developed more as not only a defensive end but also a leader for the Browns. He’s breathing down the neck of Clay Matthews, Jr. for the most sacks in team history and is also doing everything he can to keep his teammates focused on the goal this season.

In three games, he’s already recorded three sacks and is fresh off a personal-best 16 from a year ago.

The Browns, currently sitting at 2-1, are scheduled to travel to Atlanta to play the Falcons in Week 4. There’s no word on whether or not Garrett will play in that game but chances are high that if he does sit out, he could be back as early as Week 5. Again, this is secondary to his personal health but still good news for a young man who is playing at a high level and clearly loving the game right now.

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