Browns vs. Falcons: 3 big storylines in Week 4

Myles Garrett, Browns. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports
Myles Garrett, Browns. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports /
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No. 1: Jacoby Brissett’s early success is leading to questions about him playing out the season

The conversations are starting to take place amongst Browns fans as to if Brissett should play out the season if he continues to do well and just have Deshaun Watson sit out until next year. Watson was traded to the Browns this past offseason and signed a very lucrative deal for over $230 million. However, he’s been suspended and won’t be available to play in games until Week 13.

Obviously, things can change in a blink of an eye and Brissett could be injured or not be able to play for some other reason, but with him playing well now should we even be having this conversation?

Watson’s contract is likely the biggest reason to play him in Week 13. The Browns future schedule is also brutal. They play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Los Angeles Chargers, Buffalo Bills, and Miami Dolphins, just to name a few. But if Cleveland comes out of that with an 8-3 or 7-4 record does the team roll with Brissett?

Brissett is building chemistry with his team and that’s not something that can happen overnight. Watson coming into the season so late would prohibit him from building that same type of real game experience right away.

While Watson stepping in would seem to be the most likely outcome, the more Brissett shows great play, the more this hot topic will keep coming up in chats around the water cooler.