Cleveland Browns mailbag: How will the defense manage injuries

Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cleveland Browns head to Atlanta Sunday to take on the Falcons but will potentially be without several defensive players.

With the Cleveland Browns set to travel South with the goal of moving to 3-1 on the season, there are plenty of questions needing to be answered. With questions on the defense due to injuries, the Browns may be forced to play some inexperienced players Sunday.

Let’s look at some questions from readers on Twitter in this week’s mailbag, if you have questions for future mailbags you can send them to

How do you feel our D is going to fare this weekend with so many starters/veterans (potentially) out? (@jeckon76 on twitter)

This is the most important question facing Cleveland this week especially considering both star edge rushers could miss the game. The Browns due tend to be cautious with injuries so some of those sitting out Wednesday practice could likely play. The Falcons’ offense isn’t something to sleep on as they, like the Browns, have put up some points this season.

It’s going to be difficult depending on how many are out and they will need to rely on coaching and scheme. There is talent in the defensive backfield including the depth and a lot will rest on those players playing up to their ability.

Do you think the Browns will not start Watson after the suspension if Brissett keeps producing? (@oldirt79 on twitter)

No chance, Brissett is playing well within this offense but Deshaun Watson is a whole other level of player. The team didn’t sell the farm and give Watson a $230 million fully guaranteed contract to not play him as soon as they can. It’s not a knock on Brissett because he has played well but he is limited compared to Watson.

An unexpected slow start by Denzel Ward, what’s going on? (@Maclawre on twitter)

Denzel Ward got a massive contract extension this offseason and so far he hasn’t kept up the level of play. A couple of miscommunications resulted in explosive plays that hurt the defense resulting in long touchdowns.

As a result, the way he is playing seems like he is worried about allowing something explosive deep and is overcompensating. He is playing off and bailing early to make sure everything stays in front of him, hopefully, that doesn’t continue.

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