3 Cleveland Browns to watch in Week 6 matchup with Patriots

Browns, Jacoby Brissett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Jacoby Brissett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /
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Browns, Jacoby Brissett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

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Watching Jacoby Brissett carry the ball and stretch for those fourth down and one conversions so far this season is just one reason it’s been fun watching him. When the Browns coach Kevin Stefanski tried outthinking himself in the most recent game against the Chargers and went away from the guaranteed first down in the second half of a close game, instead trying a run with pulling offensive linemen, which in turn blew up in his face, the value of Brissett became blatantly obvious.

But Brissett also has his flaws and that has reared its ugly head in recent games. While the quarterback has played well and helped move the team down the field pretty routinely, he’s also now thrown three interceptions and all of them have been late in games where if he hadn’t thrown the pick, his team may have won all three contests.

In this past Sunday’s battle against Los Angeles, Brissett threw an interception at the goal line which ended a promising drive. Two weeks ago in Atlanta, he threw an interception in the closing seconds when his squad was within field goal range.

It’s really been an interesting period for the former North Carolina State quarterback. He’s been producing in this offense, but he’s also ruined drives with these turnovers and that’s been uncharacteristic of him.

In his 2017 season, when he played for the Indianapolis Colts in the starting role, he only threw seven interceptions. In all three situations this season, it certainly has looked like he tried to force the ball into coverage and that hasn’t worked in his favor.

Now, Brissett gets to go against the team that originally drafted him in the third round in 2016. He started a couple of games as a rookie but was later traded to the Colts in the fall of 2017 when they were needing a quarterback to fill in for Andrew Luck.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick certainly liked Brissett back then and surely will have a good idea of what his team will see from him in this game. How Brissett will handle that knowledge that his former coach has will be fun to watch and hopefully the Browns benefit in the end, and they can walk away with the victory.