Cleveland Browns mailbag: Are moves coming for D-Line?

Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports
Browns, Myles Garrett. Mandatory Credit: Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports /

The Cleveland Browns are looking for answers to fix the defense let’s look at questions about that and more in this week’s mailbag.

The Cleveland Browns enter Week 6 at 2-3 facing the New England Patriots at home on Sunday trying to get back to .500. There are some major flaws in the run defense and a lack of fundamentally sound football.

Let’s take a look at some reader questions in this week’s mailbag, if you have questions for future mailbags you can email them to

What kind of impact can Deion Jones have on this defense? -@KingEdward15 on twitter

Ever since Anthony Walker went down the linebacker room has been missing a veteran presence and lacking leadership. Deion Jones is a guy that struggled in 2021 and is coming off an injury but has played at a high level before with a ton of experience. He’s a good coverage linebacker and a guy that is fundamentally sound which is something they don’t have.

He might not be an All-Pro but considering the level of play, they have had he will raise the basement of the room significantly.

Record aside, how do you think the Browns stack up against the rest of their division? -@HelloFromPluto on twitter

As up and down as the Browns’ season has been, they are still firmly in second place with plenty of chances to gain ground. The Bengals’ offensive line is still struggling and it seems like the defense has figured out how to limit Ja’Marr Chase and the passing offense making them beatable. The Ravens are the clear front-runner but if the playmakers outside of Lamar can’t step up his percentage of the team’s yardage isn’t sustainable.

All of that said, Cleveland’s offense can easily compete with anyone in the division but the question marks on the defense are troublesome. However, they match up well with the Bengals and can go blow for blow with Baltimore so right now they stack up really well despite the disappointing start.

Do you think the trade for Deion Jones is it or will more moves be on the horizon? -@TheBrownieElf1 on twitter

It will all depend on who becomes available as teams start to trade off pieces for the rebuild ahead as the team’s seasons become lost. That said it doesn’t seem likely that the Browns are done because of the awful level of play from defensive tackle. They added Tyeler Davison to the practice squad but if a team makes one available or a veteran gets cut expect them to make a move. It might not be a giant splashy trade but they should be looking defensive tackle.

Who would you like the Browns to acquire at the defensive tackle position? -@coachericjwatts on twitter

They might not be the most realistic options depending on price but if the Commanders make Daron Payne available the Browns absolutely have to check the price tag. Payne at 6-foot-2 and 320 pounds and would be exactly what the doctor ordered to set this line up for massive improvement. It might be too pricey for the team that doesn’t have premium picks but that would be the dream trade deadline move.

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